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Caffé & Curcuma: EarthPainting Cafe a Roma

EarthPainting Café Caffè & Curcuma a cura dell’Art Counselor Marianne Cordier Prima edizione sabato 5 ottobre 2019 10.00-12.30 La colazione eco-creativa che ci avvicina alla natura e semina nuove visioni, amore e saggezza. Si tratta di un appuntamento conviviale e creativo, di un vero e proprio laboratorio di ecologia pratica, aperto a uomini e donne,… Continue reading Caffé & Curcuma: EarthPainting Cafe a Roma

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EarthPainting in 5 key points | i 5 punti chiave

EarthPainting is a deep practice of creative carefulness and awareness that is rooted in Intuitive Painting and Co-Creation. This practice invites you to follow little and simple steps that can balance the energies of your lifestyle through a constant dialogue with the rhythms of nature. The benefits you will get from it are: + awareness,… Continue reading EarthPainting in 5 key points | i 5 punti chiave

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EarthPainting: the Vision

EarthPainting comes from a vision The vision of EarthPainting In 2010 I had a powerful spiritual experience – through a breathing process that is called  “rebirthing” – in a moment of my life that was very tough, I was living an important loss and it was a time of new awakening for my soul. During… Continue reading EarthPainting: the Vision