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The sacred ritual of cocreation : EarthPainting at Sattva, Rishikesh, India

    Earth is our sacred home and our consciousness is living in the Cosmos

EarthPainting ceremony took place on Sangha garden on November 12th at 12.00 (beautiful synchronicity indeed because 12 is a magic number, symbol of the creation of the universe and completion). In the early morning in sacred silence I had received the confirmation that I would have offer a mandala of the golden spiral; it was the cosmic symbol that nature offered me during my visit to the Mother Cave, found on the sand behind a leaf.

The mandala was made with white rocks from Ula river and a myriad of fresh and perfumed rose petals.

The mandala: the golden spiral of consciousness

This is a powerful symbol of growth: the golden spiral (golden ratio) is also called divine proportion or golden number, and we can find it in the fractal patterns of nature. The golden ratio is expressed in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants and the veins in leaves, it is a kind of universal law of beauty and completeness.

The golden ratio or spiral is a unique relation existing in the universe between the whole and the part and has been in our consciousness for over 4,000 years. It is a ubiquity number widely accepted as a divine proportion and spiritually regarded as the language of the Universe. Out of the golden ratio rises the golden spiral, whose familiar coil shape can be found everywhere in nature, such as in the structure of our DNA and fingerprints, sunflowers and seashells, storm clouds and tornados—even a star cluster nebula like the Milky Way. The golden spiral, also called the flower of life, is a twirling pattern that forms out from a rectangle with the golden ratio. The fact that the golden spiral shows up in many growth patterns of plants, animals and even whole galaxies makes us wonder if this unique shape is not indeed the pattern of life. Enlightenment may be part of this pattern— a communication that connects consciousness through the language of the Universe. In other words, the golden spiral can spiral you to soul awakening.” Robin Craig Clark

Finally we can look at the golden spiral as the pattern of unconditional love: “ when your soul connects consciousness with the golden spiral, you become love. Love is the infinite pattern of the Universe. And so are you. If you “dream within a dream,” and inside this dream you awaken to unconditional love, which is the origin of all things in and beyond this world, you may find yourself in an infinite spiral with no beginning and no end called eternal life.” Robin Craig Clark

Abundance of colors, palette of life

The setting was arranged around the big raw cotton canvas with organic pigments and spices beautifully located in the diwali pots found at Rishikesh market, jars with sacred waters from Mother Ganga and baby Ula and the handmade blossoming paintbrushes around the mandala as rays emerging from the spiral.

Everyone was provided with a personal painting set: a palette leaf, a little pot for colour and another leaf as a paintbrush.

Bright and intense colours were creating an energetical atmosphere, and the Kundalini snake paintbrush was there as a guardian, as an initiator for the ceremony.

The ceremony

After Anandji stunning inspired opening, I explained the steps of the process: no outcome to reach, no right and wrong, just surrender to intuition, express ourselves fully, engage our senses and enjoy the flow and the journey.

The ceremony was dedicated to the sacred waters, to Mother Ganga, the great liberator, and through Her to all the waters of the Earth, to the oceans, to offer healing, respect, gratitude and love.

Blessing in the sacred river


After this opening, we walked all together in silence to the sacred river, with the blank canvas in our hands, as I had seen in the vision, and put the canvas into the waters. I could feel consciously the power of manifestation in each of our breaths and gestures.


Maa Ganga

Sacred waters of the Earth

Liberate our souls from false and limitations

Help us to release our ego, our sense of separation, our fears, our attachments, and to come back home, to come back to the Divine within us

Purify our consciousness

Teach us to flow with life

Teach us to surrender to the supreme knowledge of love

Bless our hearts, source of infinite love

Remind us always that All is Love and that We are Love

We offer you this ritual, and through your immense power, expand our blessing to all oceans of Gaia

We offer this act of cocreation to the wise mountains of Himalaya too, that are the bones of Gaia

May we, ancestors of the future, experience here and now the field of unity that connects all of us

May we come back to our original truth, to the divine spark within us

Calling the sacred fire within, breathing with the earth


Come back to the sacred garden after the blessing in the waters, we called the spirit of the fire to ignite our creativity and awaken the sacred flame in our roots and our hearts, as the Kundalini snake was pointing out. Through the fire, we were invited to commit with all our passion to a secret and loving conversation with Mother Earth and the Source.

Art is a great metaphor that shows us that consciousness experiences life through creation. The canvas is the weave of life in which we are all interconnected.

Before diving into colours, a guided meditation invited us to grow as a powerful tree of light and to establish our sankalpa, our pure intention for the ritual. Grounding, expanding, breathing with the earth, feeling her beat in our roots and the pulsation of the cosmos beyond all.

The first sign on the canvas

Anandji the spiritual master of Sattva community was invited to make the first sign on the blank canvas with the Kundalini snake paintbrush: slowly,  Om, Maa & Shiva trishula appeared on the white canvas, painted with red puja cumcum. So powerful way to open the process of cocreation and to invite to Source within. Gratitude.

Painting and Dancing: experiencing joy, bliss and flow

Yogis were invited to dive into the play of creation with all their senses, to engage fully the body, to connect to elements, to feel the rythm of the music. Can we feel how much we are supported in our cosmic play ? Can we become artists of the art of reciprocity and love and be able to offer back ? Mother Earth is providing for all of us, it is time to give back something to Her through our creative energy and to express in our unique way the Life force that is flowing within us. Look at the miracle of life, nothing is granted, honor the beauty. Enjoy. Celebrate.

The power of cocreation

This canvas is a quintessence of Us: a mandala made of multienergies from yogis, natural elements, sun, moon, stars, mountains, waters, an experience of unity.

It is a declaration of love to Life, to the force that moves all. EarthPainting reminds us concretely that we always cocreate in our lives, and we could do it in a more creative, conscious and ecstatic way. Our life is a pure cocreation, where everything is related to another. Our souls are called to become creatively conscious that we can estabilish an alliance with nature and the Source and create our life from that place of unity and inner power.


When we can see us in the rivers flowing, in the mountains standing, in the forests, in the moon, in the sun and in the stars, and I can see that All these manifestations are in me and I am in them, so I become the Cosmic Mind, the universal consciousness Satish Kumar

Giving back to the river, washing away: return to essence

We’ve danced on the canvas and threw thousands of rose petals and we have celebrated life with energy. At the end all the symbols and shapes were disappeared in the dynamism of joy. So much beauty around and a deep sense of trasformation, radiance, presence and expansion was in the air.


Yogis left the setting and after a while a little voice in my heart talked about a further symbolic step:

Turn back to the sacred river

Offer to Her what all of you have created

Let the signs, symbols, petals and colours flow until the ocean

Wash away your hearts, wash away the residues, wash away the emotions and let me show you the path to return to your Essence, to your true nature, to the Being

Come home in your essence

I turned back to the river and washed it away, with my white dress that was flowing with the silver fishes. Let go. Life is continuous changes. Impermanence and Love. And trust. We can’t loose nothing. We can’t loose love. But we can go on dancing this cosmic dance each instant more awakened.

On the canvas what was remaining was the pure essence of our journey through the colours of life. A cycle was completed. A new one was opening up. Infinite mystery for the cycles to come, infinite opening.

What a rite of passage for all of us.

All my gratitude and love to All of us, to Anandji, to Sattva, to Emilie, above all to Cosmic Mother

All my love to my friends that have contributed with their precious gifts to this soul journey in India for my birthday, the best gift ever.

Love, Love, Love.

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